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we have our own digital and audio editors waiting to put together your ad, and you know what? It's cheaper than you might imagine

As a non-profit making organisation we are obliged to provide you with the very best graphics and/or sound at a very low price. Every penny you spend with us goes back into making DH9DIGITAL your station.

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GET NOTICED with an advert with us. Having an advert is as easy and in most cases simple adverts can be created and posted onto our shows within 24hrs

Whatever your message dh9digital has a team of professional voice over specialists working together with a team of talented music technicians and togehter they can make you a very professional sounding advert that not only goes out on our shows, but you get to keep a copy of.

If you wish to discuss and advert with us why not email us using the icon above

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Our adverts can contain voice, music and sound fx to suit your need and have a maximum impact on your target audience. Here are some examples of our adverts made for local companies.

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Let us great a great advert just for you. With professional voice overs, music, sound effects and more

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With Special Effects, high quality music and professional voice overs, your message will be impactive and exciting.